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To view video, click the picture below:   This recording of THE SHE-WOLF was made in the late 1980s. It was one of a cycle of five songs, ’Points in a Journey’, which was commissioned by North Adams State College, Massachusetts and had its First Performance at Smith House, North Adams State College. The work is a response to a poem by Australian poet, Jena Woodhouse. She writes about the strength and passion of her late mother.

Music Blog The Purest Love Selections from the first performance of the forty-five minute music drama, IL POVERELLO, which was performed in St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane, October 1st 2010.The work was commissioned by MANDOLINS IN BRISBANE. The program notes describe the work as: ‘A wonderful soundscape that animates the fascinating character of St Francis. Betty Beath and Davd Cox have explored Francis, the person, and his message of love and peace, his affinity with nature and his devotion to simplicity of life.’

Sketchbooks and squiggles Not everyone can go to art school to learn to draw; but I do think it is important, if you are going to illustrate stories, to have some confidence in your drawing. And remember that whenever we make marks on paper, canvas or computer screen, we are drawing. When we write we are drawing. Illustrators, when they draw,  are writing; well… story-telling. I was often ill and in bed when I was a child and  I entertained myself by drawing.  My mother, when she came by, would pick up my sketch book and pencil and draw one continuous, squiggly line.   I would have to turn her squiggle into a drawing by the time she came by again… that was the rule of the game. Her squiggles became more and more complex and I think I came to draw, from my imagination, just a bit better all the…