Journeys of the Mind

Journeys of the Mind

Beath-Cox Art Enterprises 

 |  Total playing time: 44 min

Poems from the Chinese, a cycle of four songs with instrumental interlude. Janet Delpratt, voice. Floyd Williams, clarinet. Gary Williams, cello. Betty Beath, piano.

Lagu Lagu Manis, Cello and Piano.
Gary Williams, cello. Betty Beath, piano.

Music for Gillian, Alto Flute and Piano.
Gillian Rankine, flute. Betty Beath, piano.

Lament for the Victims of War, Piano.
Betty Beath, piano.

Songs from the Beasts’ Choir, a cycle of five songs for Voice and Piano.
Janet Delpratt, soprano. Betty Beath, piano.

Fratelli Minori, choir, flute and cello.
Alexandra Chorale and St. Phillips Singers Christian Robins, flute. Allan Hall, cello.

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