I enjoyed writing this piece, which I originally wrote for my own performance and pleasure; it seemed appropriate then to give it the title WOMAN’S SONG. The tonality is based on the Balinese pelog scale and this, together with rhythms that might be used by the gamelan, reflects something of the colour and dynamic contrast often to be heard in Balinese gamelan performance. An arrangement of the work titled ALLEGRO VIVACE FOR STRINGS ‘WOMAN’S SONG’ was subsequently published by Wirripang (Publications by Wirripang, www.australiancomposers.com.au) and a recorded performance by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Toshiyuki Shimada, has been released on Vienna Modern Masters CD 3053. I see the piece as expressing energy and exhilaration together with tenderness and joy, the joy we may know in a celebration of life.

Betty Beath.

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Woman’s Song