Performances & Broadcasts

ABC Classic FM Radio Classic Breakfast with Russell Torrance 28th February 2018
Birds the Colour of the Moon, by Betty Beath,  played by Betty Beath piano

ABC Classic FM Radio Classic Breakfast with Russell Torrance 13th February 2018
Birds the Colour of the Moon, Betty Beath piano Classic Breakfast with Russell Torrance

Radio Arts Indonesia 12th February 2018
Indonesian Diptych: 1 Asmaradana and 2 Manusia Pertama di Angkasa Luar,  Moravian Philharmonic OrchestraToshiyuki Shimada, conductor.

Radio Arts Indonesia 11th February 2018
Prayer, from A Garland for Saint Francis, Susan Lorette Dunn, soprano; Betty Beath, piano.

Radio Arts Indonesia First week of February 2018
Betty Beath, A Garland For St Francis, Susan Lorette Dunn, soprano; Betty Breath, piano;
Betty Beath, Dreams and Visions (1996), Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Mark Summerbell;
Betty Beath, Lament for the Victims of War, Betty Beath, piano;
Betty Beath, River Songs (1991) (Jena Woodhouse)

1) River Mother, River Child

2) Boy & The River

3) River Nocturne

4) House by the River

5) Tree of Two Souls Swift Tide

6) River Voices Before Dawn, Jan Delpratt, soprano; Betty Beath, piano;

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From a Quiet Place, for viola and piano
Performed by Patricia Pollett, viola and Colin Spiers, piano.
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Merindu Bali (Bali Yearning)
Performed by Ananda Sukarlan, piano.
13/01/2018:  ABC CLASSIC FM:
Lagu Lagu Manis (Sweet Melodies)
Performed by Gary Williams, cello and Betty Beath, piano.
To hear the work on youtube go t0

 LAGU LAGU MANIS compressedI have been advised by Ananda Sukarlan that, on August 31st, 2017 at 7.30 p.m., my work for orchestra, Lagu Lagu Manis will be performed at  Graha Bhakti Budaya, TIM Arts Center, Jakarta, by the Ananda Sukarlan Orchestra, conducted by Ananda Sukarlan.

My work will be programmed in a concert, which is a gift from the Australian Embassy to the people of Indonesia to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Month.

Other works performed will be Peter Sculthorpe’s Small Town as well as Ananda’s own work The Voyage to Marege for didgeridoo, flute concertante & orchestra. This will be a world premiere, with Djakapurra Manyurryun (didgeridoo) and Carmen Caballero (flute).

Note: Lagu Lagu Manis, performed by the Ruse Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Tsanko Delibozov can be heard on Youtube.

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30/07/2017: Poems from the Chinese.

26/07/2017: Nawang Wulan, voice and piano

24/07/2017:  Sunda Song,  for harp, flute and cello

23/07/2017:  Asmaradana, piano and Black on White, piano

23/07/2017:  Encounters, piano

22/07/2017:  Lament for Kosovo, for string orchestra

22/07/2017:  Towards the Psalms,  song cycle, voice/piano

18/07/2017:  A Garland for St Francis, cycle, voice/piano

12/07/2017:  Fratelli Minori,  for choir/instrumental ensemble


16/07/2017: ABC CLASSIC FM


Music Overnight. Merindu Bali, piano


24/02/2016 ABC CLASSIC FM

Classic Drive, presented by Christopher Lawrence, SUNDA SONG for harp flute and celloBy Betty Beath, performed by Carisma: Janice Preese, harp, Janice Stoddart, flute and Louise King, cello.


POEMS FROM THE CHINESE, by Betty Beath:  Janet Delpratt, voice, Floyd Williams, clarinet, Gary Williams, cello, Betty Beath, piano.


WOMAN’S SONG. Allegro Vivace for strings, by Betty Beath: Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Toshiyuki Shimada. Released on the CD, Music from Six Continents 2001 Series, by Vienna Modern Masters.


ASMARADANA, for string orchestra,  by Betty Beath: Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Ruben Silva. Released on CD, Music from Six Continents 1995 series, by Vienne Modern Masters.


BLACK ON WHITE, piano, by Betty Beath: performed by Betty Beath. Released on CD Poetic Nostalgia, Music of Australian Composers, produced by Robert Allworth.



“Australian” Women in Music No. 150 for January 25/2016
Celebrating Australian Day January 26th.

Queensland Symphony Orchestra: Concerto for Orchestra. Margaret Sutherland.
Conductor. Patrick Thomas.

Susan Lorette Dunn: Soprano. In This Garden. Betty Beath.
Betty Beath. Piano.

Karin Schaupp: Guitar. Guitar Concerto. Philip Bracanin.
Queensland Symphony Orchestra.
Conductor. Ronald Spigelman.

Laurel Swinden: Flute. Bali Moods No.1 Anne Boyd.
Stephanie Mara: Piano.

The Brisbane Baroque Trio: Concerto Grosso. Mary Mageau.
Queensland Symphony Symphony,
Conductor. Wilfred Lehmann.

Syzygy Ensemble. Making Angels Katy Abbott

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra: Green Leaf. from “Wild Swans Concert Suite. Elena Kats-Cherin
Conductor. Ola Rudner. Eliza Aria. from “Wild Swans Concert Suite. Elena Kats-Cherin
Brothers : from “Wild Swans Concert Suite. Elena Kats-Cherin

David Hamilton: Tenor. Three Tree Songs. Dulcie Holland.
Nigel Butterley: Piano.

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ABC CLASSIC FM, Saturday 6th February
Evenings with Graham Abbott

Betty Beath,
From a Quiet Place, for viola & piano
Colin Spiers (piano), Patricia Pollett (viola)
Still Life (Tall Poppies TP162)


From 29th to 31st January

Betty Beath
A Garland for St Francis
Susan Dunn, mezzo soprano, Betty Beath, piano

Betty Beath, piano

From a Bridge of Dreams
Emma Knott, flute, David Miller, piano

Fratelli Minori,
Alexandra Choral and St Phillips Singers

Lament for Kosovo,
Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra,
Conducted by Toshiyuki Shimada


From 3rd to 7th January

From a Quiet Place
Patricia Pollett, viola, Colin Spiers, piano

Indonesian Diptych
The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra,
Conducted by Ruben Silva

Towards the Psalms
Margaret Schindler, soprano, Betty Beath, Piano
Text, Anne Michaels