Performances and Broadcasts

ABC Classic FM, Music Overnight 1:35am, 25th November, 2022, From a Quiet Place, for viola & piano [15’42], by Betty Beath, performed by Colin Spiers (piano) + Patricia Pollett (viola), CD: Still Life, Tall Poppies TP162

ABC Classic FM, Mornings, 11.11 am, 22nd November, 2022, Woman’s Song [02’37], by Betty Beath, Performed by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Toshiyuki Shimada CD Betty Beath: Music with Indonesian Influence, Beath-Cox Art Enterprises

ABC Classic FM, 10.30pm, 19th November, 2022, Music from a Quiet Place, by Betty Beath, performed by Patricia Pollett, viola and Colin Spiers, piano. CD: The Music of Betty Beath, Tall Poppies.

ABC Classic FM, 9:17am, 17th November, 2022, Lagu Lagu Manis II [07’32], by Betty Beath, performed by Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Lyn Williams, CD Vienna Modern Masters, New Music for Orchestra – Music from Six Continents.

ABC Classic FM, 15th November,2022, 6:17pm, Merindu Bali (Bali Yearning) [03’46], by Betty Beath, performed by Ananda Sukarlan (piano), ABC Classic Recording.

South County High School Orchestra, Virginia, USA. 17th November, 2022, Lament for Kosovo by Betty Beath, Conducted by Marci Swift.

Camerata Queensland Chamber Orchestra, Recital at The Museum of Brrisbane, 7.00pm, 27th October, 2022, Table for Two, A Suite for Violin and ‘cello, by Betty Beath, performed by Jason Tong, violin, Kirsten Tong, ‘cello.

ABC Classic, Night Music, 1:25am, 17th October, 2022,Lament for Kosovo [03’54] by Betty Beath, performed by Sydney Mandolins, CD: ABC Classic Recording.

ABC Classic, Night Music, 5:51am, 27th August, 2022, Sunda Song [05’30] by Betty Beath, performed by Carisma, CD: Lily’s Eyes, ABC Classic 476 6325

ABC Classic, Breakfast, 6:31am, 15th August, 2022, Asmaradana [04’15] by Betty Beath, Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, CD: Betty Beath: Music with Indonesian Influence, Beath-Cox Art Enterprises B-C 7